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10 Minutes and 38 Seconds
in this Strange World

Elif Safak's latest novel is a meditation on death and memory: the story of one woman’s life recalled at the moment of her passing.

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"Mein Sohn bleibt bei mir!"

Detained as alleged terrorist supporter with her son, Mesale Tolu's book depicts her everyday struggle between hope and despair during her 8 months of political imprisonment in Turkey.

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In his new book, journalist Deniz Yucel outlines the defamation campaign that made him the scapegoat of a diplomatic crisis.

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Starring Tribeca Best Actor Award winner Ali Atay as a mob errand boy, this adventure flick by Emre Sahin follows how a serendipitous bag of cash connects strangers in the chaotic streets of Istanbul.

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Das Haus aus Stein

The German translation of Asli Erdogan's 2009 novel 'Tas Bina ve Digerleri' is entitled "Das Haus aus Stein". Her poetic dark language studies captivity, torture and loss of all security.

Musical Reflections of the Art of Banksy

Composed for “The Art of Banksy” exhibition, this is a multi-faceted fusion of Jazz, Funk, Deephouse, Electronic and Turkish Music, interpreted by vocalists and rappers who span the musical genres.


Translated into English and German, 'Dawn' (Seher) is an unforgettable story collection, written from behind bars by former HDP leader Selahattin Demirtas, who won 8,4% of the votes at the presidential race in June 2018. 


Written by chef Tayfun Aras, famed for his Turkish restaurant Anatoli in Cape Town, South Africa, this cookbook is a great reference for Authentic Turkish Cuisine.

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Automatic Turkish Coffee Machine
Brand new way of creating a 500-year-old traditional coffee


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